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Your spotlight on local services

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Current consultations - have your say

Local and national health and social care organisations often want to know what you think about changes they want to introduce.

This page highlights some of the issues that these organisations are currently asking about that could affect people who use health and social care services.



Consultation on the provision and delivery of Universal Children's Services and designation of Children Centres in Northamptonshire - closes 15 June

Find out more here


Northamptonshire Adult Social Services (NASS)

Consultation on Direct Payments or Personal Budget rate for people with Personal Assistants - closes 5pm, 30 June

NASS explored how to work out the payment rates in Direct Payments for people who employ Personal Assistants to meet their support needs. 

As a result of this review, NASS has devised some proposals which they are consulting on.

Find out more here

Tell NASS what you think about how they pay and monitor Direct Payments - closes 5pm, 30 June

NASS is seeking views about how they currently pay Direct Payments (Direct Payments are also sometimes called Personal Budgets) and how they monitor the ways the money is spent.

They would welcome views on this whether or not you use a Direct Payment to employ Personal Assistants or to pay for support from an agency or care provider.

Find out more here


NHS England Consultations and Surveys

NHS England has a number of open national consultations and surveys - follow the link below.

NHS England consultations

Current consultations include: 

Diabetes UK and NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme online survey - closes 25 May

The survey will run until 25 May and is looking for people at risk of type 2  or people who have been referred to or attended a DPP course (or families members/carers).

Vist the website for more information

What do you think of online GP consultations? - survey closes 15 June

NHS England wants to hear what people think about online GP consultations, as they review alternative ways of accessing GP services. Share or take part in the consultation by Friday 15 June.

Find out more

Oral Surgery Survey 

This survey is mainly about Oral Surgery which usually means the removal of one or more teeth or roots by a specialist either in a dental surgery or hospital.  

If you live in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland or Lincolnshire, NHS England would like to invite you to participate in the survey.

Complete the online survey


Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP)

Neighbouring STP

If you live near the borders of the county you might be affected by Sustainability and Transformation Plans of neighbouring regions.

Neighbouring STP area current consultations


Healthwatch Northamptonshire is also interested in your views so talk to us!


Poll of the month...

We would like to know your thoughts on universal children services and designation of Children Centres in Northamptonshire. 

Please take part in our quick poll

Annual Report 2016/17

See how your feedback has made a difference to health and care services in Northamptonshire.


Read our Annual Report here

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