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Your spotlight on local services

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Current consultations - have your say

Local and national health and social care organisations often want to know what you think about changes they want to introduce.

This page highlights some of the issues that these organisations are currently asking about that could affect people who use health and social care services.

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Northamptonshire County Council Current Consultations

Decommissioning of Prevention Service for Adult Social Care Service - Hearing Impaired Services - closes 8 November 2018

Currently, Deafconnect has a contract with Northamptonshire County Council to provide a number of services to help deaf and hard of hearing adults to continue to live independently in their own home, with their family or carer(s). Deafconnect offers an information, advice and support service to promote independence including access to specialist equipment and interpreting services. Deafconnect also provides opportunities for people to: 

  • meet and socialise, taking part in a variety of activities
  • get access to health and care services
  • develop skills for independence, employment and hobbies

Due to Northamptonshire County Council’s poor financial situation, they are asking for people's views on the impact of stopping this contract with Deafconnect or the services being provided in a different way.

This consultation seeks to gather feedback and evidence about the impact of ending the Council’s current funding arrangements only for the adult's support service (Children’s First will look separately at funding arrangements for children).

Online survey      EasyRead survey      Equality Impact Assessment

A web link to a British Sign Language (BSL) translation of the survey introduction is available from https://youtu.be/cvqsrRB0DT4 

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this survey in another format (including easy read or large print) you can contact NCC by email, post or telephone:

Email address: consult@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Postal address: Consultation, Equalities and Accessibility Team, BIPM, Northamptonshire County Council, One Angel Square, Angel Street, Northampton NN1 1ED

Name and Telephone: Tim Crisp, 01604 361088


Decommissioning of Prevention Service for Adult Social Care Service - Visually Impaired Service - closes 8 November 2018

Currently, Northamptonshire County Council commissions (i.e. buys) a number of services through Northamptonshire Association for the Blind (NAB). These services offer adults with sight loss advice, help and practical support to overcome the emotional and practical challenges of living with sight loss. This helps them to live as full, active and independent a life as possible in their own home and/or with their family or carer. 

The services NCC buy from NAB help those adults who require support due to their sight loss to:

  • Receive help to overcome the emotional trauma of sight loss, maintain a positive outlook on life and retain personal independence. This includes advice, guidance and support to:
    • cook safely when they have poor eyesight, and with food storage and preparation
    • get out and about i.e. doing the shopping
    • stay safe in and around the home
    • other daily living skills
    • get advice and guidance on the availability of health, social care, employment and other services, and benefits and entitlements that might help them overcome whatever challenges they might be struggling with as a result of their sight loss 
  • Receive advice on the availability, suitability and use of specialist aids and equipment. These range from simple items such as bump-ons, talking watches, talking books and magazines, mobility aids, talking kitchen equipment plus task and other forms of lighting through to assistive technology such as magnifiers and telecare products.
  • Receive advice on the use of suitable ICT equipment such as smart phones, tablets, computers and voice activated devices.
  • Receive help on using the internet including online shopping and social media.
  • Support people to meet and socialise with other people who have similar, or different levels of sight loss at various locations within Northamptonshire.
  • Help people to learn new skills or to enjoy new hobbies, cultural activities, leisure pursuits and sporting activities.
  • Discover how to make use of existing skills or how to enjoy again many of the activities and interests they used to enjoy before their sight loss.

NAB can provide their advice, guidance and support to those that need it at either one of NAB’s sight centres or support within a person’s own home. However, due to the Council's current poor financial situation, they are now having to consider if the above services should be stopped or provided in a different way. They would like to hear your views.

Online survey      EasyRead survey      Equality Impact Assessment

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this survey in another format (including easy read or large print) you can contact NCC by email, post or telephone:

Email address: consult@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Postal address: Consultation, Equalities and Accessibility Team, BIPM, Northamptonshire County Council, One Angel Square, Angel Street, Northampton NN1 1ED

Name and Telephone: Tim Crisp, 01604 361088


Care Leavers’ Local Offer Consultation – closes 29 November 2018

In line with new legislation, Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) will be publishing a ‘Local Offer for Care Leavers’ (also known as the “Offer”) showing all the services that the NCC provides to young people leaving care. Working with a variety of people including young people in care, they have developed Northamptonshire County Council’s Local Offer for Care Leavers (draft). They are now seeking the views of stakeholders (care leavers themselves and other interested parties) before they prepare the final document for publication in early 2019. The final “Offer” document will be developed using feedback from the consultation and will be published on the Young Northants website, but will also be available in a paper version.

How to have your say
Two questionnaires have been developed, one which is specifically for care leavers and one which is specifically for organisations and interested people. Before you answer the questions they ask that you read through the draft “Offer”.

Young care leaver online survey      Survey for other interested parties      Equality Impact Assessment      Draft "Offer"

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this survey in another format (including easy read or large print) you can contact us using any of the methods below:

Email: LeavingCareAdmin@childrenfirstnorthamptonshire.co.uk

Telephone: 01604 363 748 / 364 779

Post: Leaving Care Team, Northamptonshire County Council, One Angel Square, Northampton, NN1 1ED


NHS England Midlands & East (Central Midlands) Dental Team

Parents - help shape NHS orthodontic services - closes 25 November 2018

NHS England wants to hear your views about how you feel child orthodontic services should be delivered in the future. Orthodontic treatment, which often involves fitting braces, is used to:

  • improve the appearance and alignment of crooked, protruding or crowded teeth; and
  • correct problems with the bite of the teeth.

The Dental Team would like to encourage Parents of primary age children in the Midlands to complete this online survey, which asks for your views about:

  • preferred appointment times
  • whether they would prefer their child’s orthodontist to be based near their home, school or place of work
  • how important it is that their child’s orthodontist is accessible using public transport
  • acceptable waiting times for assessment and treatment

Parents whose children are already receiving treatment are also asked to rate the quality of the service and share any suggestions they may have about how it could be improved.

An NHS spokesperson said: “We are responsible for planning, buying and monitoring NHS orthodontic services to make sure they meet the needs of local people. We will soon be arranging new contracts to provide these services in the future and we want to hear the people’s views about what the services should look like. Please take a few minutes to complete the online survey so your views can be taken into account.”

Online survey


NHS England Consultations and Surveys

NHS England has a number of open national consultations and surveys - follow the link below.

NHS England consultations

Current consultations include: 

Clinical commissioning service specifications consultation for: Adult Highly Specialist Pain Management Services - closes 4 Nov 2018

Consultation on a policy proposition for long term left ventricular assist device therapy for advanced heart failure (all ages) - closes 6 Nov 2018

Specialised gynaecology surgery and complex urogynaecology conditions service specifications - closes 13 Nov 2018

Clinical commissioning policies consultation for: Bendamustine for relapsed multiple myeloma (all ages) - closes13 Nov 2018


The logo for the Department of Health and Social Care

Department of Health and Social Care Consultations

Ending the sale of energy drinks to children - closes 21 November 2018

The government is seeking views on whether the sale of energy drinks to children should be stopped. They are aware that the evidence base around these products and their effects is complex so want to use this consultation to gather further views and evidence on the advantages and disadvantages of ending the sale of energy drinks to children, and on alternative options, before making a decision.

Consultation website    Background documents

Online survey

Mandating calorie labelling in the out-of-home sector - closes 7 December 2018

To make sure that people have access to clear and accurate information about the calorie content of the food and drink that they and their families are eating when dining out, The Department of Health and Social Care intend to introduce legislation to make calorie labelling compulsory in the out-of-home sector. This includes, for example, restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeaways, as well as online businesses that sell food or drink for takeaway or home delivery that is ready to be eaten or drunk.

Through this consultation they invite views on the details of what they are proposing, to help make sure it works in practice.

Consultation website

Online survey


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