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Being Myself Daventry Survey


Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire is conducting a survey on behalf of Healthy Young Daventry asking 11 to 19 year old’s about their physical health, lifestyle and emotional health. The survey includes questions on how young people manage difficult emotions.

The survey asks young people about their health and habits and what they think about some health and emotional issues that affect young people. It gives young people a chance to let us know what works for them and what about local services they would like to see changed. There is also a survey for parents and carers of 11-19 year olds to share their views.

The information collected from the survey will help inform wellbeing services in Daventry and help other local NHS and children’s services in the planning of health and care for young people. A report will also be published later this year.

Schools and students in Daventry will be asked to take part in the anonymous and confidential survey, which includes contact information for support if they feel that themselves or someone they know is or may be affected by the subjects asked in the survey.

Young people can take the survey here

Parents and carers of 11-19 year olds can take the survey here

For more information about the survey or Healthy Young Daventry project or if you would like to tell us more, please contact us on 07376 130329 or email us at younghealthwatch@healthwatchnorthamptonshire.co.uk


Annual Report 2018-19

See how your feedback has made a difference to health and care services in Northamptonshire.


Read our Annual Report here

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