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Consultation on Northamptonshire County Council update to medium term financial plan


Northamptonshire County Council announced at their Cabinet meeting on Thursday 19 October that they anticipated having overspent by £11.965 million by the end September 2018. As a result, they are consulting on a range of ways to save money.

We would like to hear your views to help inform our response to the consultations. The following are of particular interest to us:

  • Redesign of libraries - Currently there are 36 community hub libraries across the county and a mobile library service. The Council have offered three options, two of which would retain 15 libraries and one which would retain eight libraries. In all three options, library closures will also affect the universal children’s centres services delivered there and the loss of the Mobile Library. Libraries closed will be offered out to be ‘community managed libraries’ run on a voluntary basis. 
  • Review of children’s service provision, location review and contract reductions – This will include a reduction in funding for services across the county.
  • Review of non-statutory children’s expenditure – This area has been valuable in providing support to children and families that are not able to access support from elsewhere.
  • Review of bus subsidies - Where there is no legal duty to provide a service the subsidy will be removed. This could particularly affect those living in rural areas, families and older people who have to rely on public transport.

Information about the full range of proposals can be found on our consultations page, which includes links to the background documents from Northamptonshire County Council and more information about how you can give your views directly to the Council.

Please also tell us what you think to help inform our response!


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