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Your spotlight on local services

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How can you change the way mental health services are run in Northamptonshire? #WhatWouldYouDo


Complete the survey today and share your views

Healthwatch England has launched the campaign and survey, “What Would You Do?” in response to the NHS Long Term Plan, which details how the government will invest an extra £20 billion a year in NHS services. They need your help to understand how services can change to benefit your local community. 

The NHS Long Term Plan has shown the need for more resources and focus to be put towards mental health services nationally. Many young people experiencing mental health concerns stand by this and believe more should be done to raise awareness and to break the stigma associated with mental illness.


Lauren from Northamptonshire said,“I think it’s important for the public to share their views concerning mental health. One in four of us will experience struggles with our mental health each year. Everyone either knows what it feels like to experience it or is close to someone who has or is currently struggling. It is, therefore, everyone’s responsibility to make sure our public services are providing the best possible support and care regarding this issue.

“I have experienced great support from friends, family and local services and have been working with national charities and employers to break the stigma around mental health. However, many people, like me, often don’t feel listened to. We are often made to feel that we are not ill enough to be seen and shy away from services that have been over stretched for many years.”

Lauren, who has experienced depression and anxiety since the age of 14, feels that more could have been done to support her when moving on to adult services. “With my personal experiences, I can now help shape how health and care services spend their money in terms of helping people like me, my friends and many other young people.”

“I believe everyone should have their mental health treated just as seriously as any physical injury. Prevention is key.

“Your views make a difference. We are now being given an opportunity to decide how the changes in local health and care services affect us as service users, for the better.”

Complete the survey today and share your views


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