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Launch of the pharmacy inspections website and learning from inspections report


Publication of pharmacy inspection reports to help drive improvement in pharmacy practice.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is publishing pharmacy inspection reports for the time on a new website. You can now search for inspection reports from pharmacy inspections taking place since April 2019 in your local area or by a range of other criteria, to find information relevant for you.

The new website features a searchable ‘Knowledge hub’ with anonymised short examples of excellent, good and poor practice identified through pharmacy inspections. You can use these to learn from others and to improve the services you provide.

The GPhC has also published a new report sharing what they have learnt from carrying out over 14,000 inspections covering every registered pharmacy in Great Britain since 2013. This independent analysis shows that the vast majority of pharmacies (over 85%) are meeting the standards. The analysis also identified some key themes, patterns and trends which every pharmacy and pharmacy team can use to improve.

Find out more by visiting the GPhC inspection reports website, by following @TheGPhC on Twitter or at Facebook.com/TheGPhC.

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