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Quick poll results - Two-thirds of you told us you use libraries at least every two weeks


Our November/December quick poll asked you about how you use libraries. Thank you to the 70 people who took part!

The latest update on libraries: The Cabinet agrees to allow more time to develop a long-term strategy for libraries in Northamptonshire, which takes account both of existing Library Services in the county and the potential to involve interested volunteers in future provision. This means that there is still no confirmation as to whether or not some libraries are set to close, nor when. 

Library usage pie chart

Two-thirds (67%) said they use libraries at least fortnightly and over half (54%) use every week or more often.

Most people (59%) used the library to borrow books on their last visit. 16% last visited a library to use children's services or attend children's groups, like breastfeeding groups, bounce and rhyme). Others used libraries for information, to do homework, to apply for a blue badge or for meetings and groups.

“My kids do their homework there, my son plays role play games at the club there and my partner and I sang carols for the community this weekend. It is so much more than just for books.”

“For books and the social groups that are run in Corby, mainly Spectrum for people on the autistic spectrum”

“Local information”

Thanks to everyone who took part in the quick poll. We used the results to inform our response to Northamptonshire County Council's consultation about their review of library services (see below).

Look out for our future quick polls so you can continue to have your say to make health and care services in Northamptonshire work for you.


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Healthwatch Northamptonshire response to review of library services consultation (PDF)

Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire response to review of library services consultation (PDF)


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