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Your spotlight on local services

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Your questions regarding our “Out of Hours” quick poll have been answered!


To improve patient experience and be in line with national requirements, the GP Out of Hours’ bases that were at Prospect House, Kettering and Highfield, Northampton have moved to nearer the hospital A&E departments (read more in our news article). In October we asked you what you thought about this and whether you had any questions.

138 of you answered and you had mixed views:

There were a number of comments made and questions asked relating to the changes and as a result, a document was produced to give some answers.

 Here are some of the questions that have been answered. 

  • Are there any changes to getting help with the new integrated care system?
  • Are you using this as an opportunity to close services in my local area?
  • I don’t live in Kettering or Northampton, what about services for other towns and villages?
  • A&E is already crowded with long waits, won’t this add to the problem?
  • Can the GP send me to hospital or A&E send me to the GP?
  • Parking is difficult to find at the hospitals, will I be able to park?
  • What are the arrangements for parking?

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document below seeks to answer them. 

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Out of Hours questions and answers


Annual Report 2019-20

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See how your feedback has made a difference to health and care in Northamptonshire.

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