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Your spotlight on local services

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Your EMAS stories

To support our work on ambulance response times in rural areas, we need your recent experiences of calling for an emergency ambulance. 

If you have used or needed the ambulance service in the last 12 months, please take a couple of minutes to give us your story, good or bad.

We will be collating patient stories across Healthwatch in the East Midlands, to get a picture of how people are experiencing ambulance services, especially in rural areas.

If you prefer to tell us in person, please telephone the Healthwatch Northamptonshire office on 0300 002 0010.

Any information you share will be strictly confidential and your story will be anonymised. You can find out more about how we store and use information and data on our privacy page.

An approximate date is fine
Town or village name
What was good? What was bad? Anything else you would like to tell us?

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Annual Report 2018-19

See how your feedback has made a difference to health and care services in Northamptonshire.


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