Carers' Voice Northamptonshire

Carers' Voice Northamptonshire has now closed but please contact Healthwatch Northamptonshire with any feedback or Northamptonshire Carers for any guidance or support.
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August 2021 update

Carers' Voice Northamptonshire was a county-wide organisation, working with Healthwatch Northamptonshire, that aimed to improve the services available to Carers' by seeking Carers’ views and opinions and making sure they get heard.

Carers' Voice has now closed as carers' matters are considered within other forums in the county.

If you would like to share feedback about health and care services, please contact Healthwatch Northamptonshire.

If you need support or advice as carer, please contact Northamptonshire Carers.

Thank you to all our members and those who worked with us!

The word ‘Carer’ refers to someone who provides regular, unpaid help and support for a spouse/partner, family member or friend who is frail, has physical or learning disabilities or any illness including mental health, sensory loss, substance misuse or is alcohol dependent (receiving Carer's Allowance does not mean you are classified as a 'paid carer'). This also includes those with a parental responsibility for a child with a disability. Young people under the age of 18 and children may also be carers and are known as Young Carers.

If you are a Carer you do not have to necessarily do everything on your own. By joining Carers' Voice you can share your own experiences with other Carers, learn about what support is available for Carers and raise any issues you have as a Carer. Your views will be fed back to the Carers' Partnership and Healthwatch Northamptonshire, where they can influence the planning and provision of carers support services for the future.

If you look after someone now or have done in the past five years (no matter how often or for how long), we can help to get your voice heard and work towards getting Carers a better deal!

  • What are your stories and what challenges has your caring role thrown at you?
  • Have you felt supported by the current system?
  • Do you feel confident in your role?
  • Do you feel support is easy to access?

Carers' Voice believes good practice needs to be praised and its value acknowledged. We also believe that when a Carer feels let down by the system, it may be the system that needs changing. We want you to tell us about your experience of the system for your support and what you think should be improved.

As Carers’ representatives, Carers' Voice members consult with their peers and advise Health and Social Care professionals at senior levels on what works for them, so we really do need you to tell us your experiences of today's service provision and how you believe it could be improved.

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You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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