Are you accessible for people with any level of hearing loss?

Deafconnect is the only charity in Northamptonshire supporting deaf people of all ages. They are continuing to provide support and services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
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The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted more than ever the difficulties and discrimination faced by people who have hearing loss. 

“Ring this number” is impossible for a Deaf person or people with different levels of hearing loss. Anyone who provides a service to people, be it a big professional organisation, one man bands, and without a doubt health care service providers, should ensure people with any level of hearing loss can access a service with the equality of a hearing person. 

All health care providers should be compliant with the Accessible Information Standard 2016, but patient feedback shows little or no evidence of this.

Deafconnect services have been adapted to telephone, online and virtual appointments to comply with Covid rules as they change, but face to face meetings have been possible in certain circumstances. 

These are the services currently provided: 

Services for Deaf Adults

The Adult Services team offers a specialist, confidential and dedicated service for all deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind adults from aged 18 upwards across Northamptonshire. It provides information, advice and advocacy; Care Act Advocacy; Hard of Hearing Service; job club; personal assistants; assistive equipment advice; 50+ BSL Group.

Services for Children and their Families

The Children and Families team offer a dedicated service for families with deaf or hard of hearing children across Northamptonshire, and aims to help children and young people learn new things, make new friends and to feel they are valued and included. It provides advice and support; children’s activities; youth groups.

Communication Services

Deafconnect offers Communication Professionals for all your communication needs. We can source BSL (British Sign Language) and Sign Supported English interpreters, DeafBlind interpreters and speech to text reporters. 

Hard of Hearing Service

The Hard of Hearing Service provides a dedicated service for adults of all ages who are hard of hearing or deafened. It provides information, advice and support on living with hearing loss; looking after hearing aids; assistive equipment; social support groups; deaf awareness.

Northants Tinnitus Support

Northants Tinnitus Support provides adults aged 18 upwards social support groups; 1:1 support; information; awareness.

Contact Deafconnect

Spencer Dallington Community Centre Tintern Avenue Northampton NN5 7BZ

01604 589011

Text Only to : 07813006813 or 07813006811

Zoom or FaceTime :

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