The importance of two doses of COVID-19 vaccines

Two doses will give you vital extra protection against the Delta variant which data suggests is between 40% and 80% more transmissible than the Alpha variant
Covid-19 vaccine vials

Coronavirus vaccines protect ourselves and our family, friends and colleagues from COVID-19 and the effects of serious illness.

This includes Long Covid which is affecting hundreds of thousands of young people and adults with debilitating health issues such as breathing problems and fatigue.

Public Health England (PHE) evidence shows that both doses of the vaccination are needed to provide effective protection against the Delta variant. 4.98 million people have had both doses in the Midlands.

PHE says two vaccine doses have been shown to be highly effective in reducing hospitalisation from the Delta variant, with the latest PHE data suggesting this could be up to 96% for Pfizer-BioNTech and 92% for the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine.

These are comparable with vaccine effectiveness against hospitalisation from the Alpha variant.

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