As part of our role to safeguard the rights and wellbeing of people who use health and social care services and those that care for them, we are asking you to tell us more about your experiences as an unpaid carer during the pandemic. We will share the findings of our survey with the service providers and planners to inform their work and help them to continue to deliver good quality care and support carers at this time.

This survey is intended for unpaid carers (sometimes referred to as ‘informal’ or ‘family’ carers). This means someone who provides unpaid care or support for a relative, friend or neighbour. This person can be an adult or child and the care is as a result of additional needs due to a disability, mental illness or a long term health condition. This excludes people providing care as part of paid work – for example working in a care home, hospital or care agency but does include people providing care for a loved one who is in receipt of Carers Allowance or a Direct Payment.

All the questions in this survey are asking you about your experiences as a person who provides unpaid care for someone who has additional needs due to disability, mental illness or a long term health condition. We are not asking about your experience of caring for other children or adults, but please do mention anything in the comment boxes if that has impacted you or your ability to care.

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