A report on a survey of Young People’s Wellbeing in Northamptonshire

Healthwatch Northamptonshire and the Northamptonshire Young Leaders carried out a survey on the wellbeing of young persons aged 11-25 across the county
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The survey was designed by the Young Leaders with advice from Healthwatch Northamptonshire. It was designed as a survey by young people, for young people to find out how young people feel about their wellbeing. Our report brings together the key data that was collected from the 527 surveys that were completed.

The survey gives evidence on how young people feel most of the time, what most negatively affects them, where they would go for help if they needed it and which wellbeing.

Key findings:

  • of the total number of answers to describe how they felt most of the time, 64% selected a positive feeling and 36% selected a negative feeling
  • 43% of the young people in the survey selected stress as something that most negatively affected them. This is nearly twice as many as the next highest option
  • 35% answered ‘No’ to the question ‘do you know where to go if you needed help?’
  • 70% of young people said they would rather speak to someone they trust if they needed help

Read the full report

Young People's Wellbeing Report - February 2015

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