Make Your Voice Count - Views and experiences of health and social care in Northamptonshire, specifically cancer, diabetes and dementia

Between October 2015 and January 2016 Healthwatch Northamptonshire (HWN) carried out our third annual ‘Make Your Voice Count’ campaign.
GP sitting opposite a patient about to take their tempreature

1,098 people completed a survey telling us about their own or a family member’s experiences of local services and their views on how things could be made better. Part of the survey was commissioned by Nene Clinical Commissioning Group (Nene CCG) to find out about local people’s experiences of diabetes, cancer and dementia services as well as what people thought would improve their experience of health and social care, would help support people with long term conditions, and would help people to be better informed.

Most people told us about good experiences of cancer, diabetes and dementia services, particularly when it came to engagement with staff, being kept informed and the coordination of services. We also heard some less positive experiences, mostly related to people feeling there was a lack of support or poor communication.

Improving the support offered to patients and carers and improving communication were the most common suggestions for improving the support of people with long term conditions, including providing more home care, more support for carers, more support groups and more or better information and education. Being able to get an appointment in a reasonable timeframe was the most common suggestion for improving the user experience of health and care services overall.


You can read the full report (including a summary of the key findings). Additional findings about other services will be shared later in the year.

Make Your Voice Count - Views and experiences of health and social care in Northamptonshire

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