Quick poll results - Over half of you were happy with your dental care, but some of you highlighted several issues

When it comes to easy access to NHS dental care appointments, the majority of our respondents did not seem to have any issues.
Dentist looking at a dental x-ray

However, more than 10 per cent of you stated there are issues in terms of expensive frequent selling of hygienist services and much more.

Overall, over half of respondents (56%) were happy with their dental care; 12% were not happy with their dental care and 24% reported being happy with it sometimes.

When asked about some of the issues people recently experienced with their NHS dental care, under a quarter of respondents (20%) mentioned they were unable to get an appointment easily with an NHS dentist.  A slightly smaller percentage (16%) was unable to find an NHS dentist or register with one and the same proportion was dissatisfied with NHS dental treatment.  12% mentioned that they were encouraged to have a private dental treatment which could be provided as NHS treatment.  A very small percentage (4%) claimed they were unable to get an emergency appointment with NHS dental treatment. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said they had ‘other issues.’

Overall, respondents thought there are no problems with regards to their access to dental care or any other issues. 

"Everything is OK"

"No issues, all good"

"I have not had an issue with any of the above"

But, while the majority of respondents were happy overall, several other people think dental care system should improve. 

Those who were not happy with their dental care stated:

"Expensive frequent selling of hygienist services"

"Felt I was regarded as inferior to their private patients"

"Long administrative delay before getting referred assessment consultation."

The quick poll collected 25 responses overall. Thanks to everyone who participated. Remember that we are here to help and support you in shaping and challenging local health and social care services so that they all continue to have a positive impact on our lives.

Look out for our future quick polls so you can continue to have your say to make health and care services in Northamptonshire work for you.

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