Our Code of Conduct with CYP Policy

Every member of staff and volunteer who works with, or provides support or services to children and young people (CYP) needs to be aware of their role and responsibilities and have clear guidelines under which to operate.
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One way of achieving this is to have a Code of Behaviour, which clarifies what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. All staff and volunteers who work with or provide support or services to CYP, whether on a regular unsupervised or occasionally supervised basis will be required to sign a copy of the Code of Behaviour to confirm that they have received it and understand their responsibilities under it.

Principles underpinning the Code of Behaviour

  • everyone is treated with respect

  • the best interests of the CYP are paramount over any other concern.

  • our environment must be such that CYP feel safe and valued
  • adults should be sensitive to child protection issues in all that they say and do
  • all staff and volunteers should protect CTCIC reputation by following these procedures at all times
  • The Code of Behaviour guidelines below should be followed at all times

Breaches to the code of behaviour

  • no infraction of the Safeguarding Policies and Procedures will be tolerated

  • breaches of this Code will be dealt with through Connected Together’s disciplinary procedures for staff and volunteers

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Code of behaviour for staff and volunteers working with children and young people (CYP)

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