Our Code of Conduct Policy

CTCIC representatives are expected to uphold principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership, as defined by the Nolan Principles set out in our Code of Conduct policy.
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This code of conduct refers to any person acting on behalf of Connected Together Community Interest Company and all its organisations and contracts, such as Healthwatch Northamptonshire and Healthwatch Rutland.

The reputation of CTCIC as an open, fair and professional body with high standards of integrity and commitment to its aims and objectives is dependent on the CTCIC community of paid staff, board members and volunteers. This also applies to individuals and organisations who we commission to do work on behalf of Connected Together. For the purpose of this policy any person acting in any of these capacities will be referred to as “representatives”.

General Standards

Connected Together representatives:

  • are required to treat everyone with courtesy and respect at all times and to respect the privacy, dignity and rights to confidentiality of members of the public, patients, consumers and carers we work with
  • will strive to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with CTCIC and within the CTCIC organisation(s) in which they are based, respecting colleagues and developing a spirit of teamwork
  • may have to deal with behaviour that challenges them in the course of their roles. High standards of professionalism and fairness should be shown at all times and training and support will be provided to our representatives

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Code of Conduct

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