Our Confidentiality Policy

During the course of their employment, in the case of directors, board members, staff, or in their capacity of volunteers, persons will most certainly have access to or have sight of documents and other information that is of a confidential nature.
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At all times information gained during their employment should and must be dealt by staff and volunteers in a sensitive and confidential manner.

The information may be:

  • Confidential to the organisation of CTCIC, and which if disclosed could have a detrimental effect on CTCIC,
  • Confidential to individual members of CTCIC or persons with whom CTCIC staff and volunteers come into contact
  • Other information to which CTCIC has access to or comes to the knowledge of CTCIC staff and volunteers

Irrespective of which of the three classifications the information applies to, the way that it is handled and dealt with is the same:

‘Under no circumstance should information to which staff and volunteers have access to or become aware of, as a result of their CTCIC activities, be disclosed to persons outside the organisation, without properly authority to do so. This authority should normally be granted by either the Chair or CEO of the organisation.’

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Confidentiality Policy

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