Our Data Protection Policies (GDPR)

These policies support the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 (the UK’s interpretation of GDPR), which places certain obligations on CTCIC, its staff and those who process data on our behalf.
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Whilst CTCIC expects its employees and staff to comply with these policies and the requirements of relevant legislation, it does not confer contractual rights or form part of any contract of employment and may be amended by CTCIC or replaced at any time following appropriate consultation and negotiation with recognised trade unions and others.

Breach of this policy may be addressed via CTCIC’s disciplinary and code of conduct policies.

These policies will be reviewed by the CTCIC board in conjunction with the Data Protection Officer on a 3 year basis. They may however be amended in advance of such date in response to changes in future legislation and/or case law.

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Data Protection Policy
Data Retention Schedule
Rights in Relation to your Data Policy
Subject Access Request Policy
Information Sharing Policy and Procedure
Data Breach Notification Policy

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