Our Enter and View Policy and Procedure

The purpose of this policy and procedure document is to ensure that Healthwatch Northamptonshire (HWN) staff, volunteers and external stakeholders are clear when, where and how Enter and View is carried out.
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Enter and View describes the processes and arrangements for HWN to Enter and View premises providing health and social care services within the county of Northamptonshire for the purpose of observing services and service delivery.

Local Healthwatch organisations were established under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to act as a local consumer voice for people using health and social care services. Healthwatch Northamptonshire was established in April 2013. There are 152 Healthwatch regions in England and a national body, Healthwatch England, which provides advice, guidance and a national profile for Healthwatch.

What is Enter and View?

Enter and View allows HWN to:

  • Go into health and social care premises to hear and see how people experience the service
  • Collect the views of people using the service at the point of delivery
  • Collect the views of carers and relatives of people using the service 
  • Speak to staff working in the service at the time of the visit
  • Observe the nature and quality of services
  • Collate evidence-based feedback, based on what people have told us on the day and what we have observed
  • Report to providers, regulators, local authority and NHS commissioners and quality assurers, the public, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners
  • Develop insights and recommendations across multiple visits to inform strategic decision making at local and national levels

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Enter and View Policy and Procedure

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