Our Environmental Policy

Connected Together CIC recognises the many and increasing threats to the environment and wishes to play its part in developing a sustainable society.
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Connected Together CIC recognises that as a duty holder under environmental legislation it has responsibility and accountability for its aspects and impacts on the environment created (both directly and indirectly) by our operations, services and activities. As such the organisation will use the BS EN 14001 Environmental Management Model to assist with compliance to the present legislation and standards.

Responsibility for the ensuring the provision and implementation of this Policy will rest with Connected Together CIC's Chief Executive. The Chief Executive will ensure that the Board of Connected Together CIC agrees an Environmental Policy that:

  • Directly relates to the environmental impacts of the Organisation's activities, products and services
  • Takes into account the nature and magnitude of all such environmental impacts
  • Takes into account the continual development cycle and standards outlined in the BS ISO 14001 Management Standards
  • Commits Connected Together CIC to take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution

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Environmental Policy

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