Our Problem Solving Policy

Occasionally issues can arise when someone is volunteering. It is important to have procedures in place to help deal with any issues before they become bigger problems.
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Volunteers, although valued by CTCIC, are not employees and have no contractual obligation to the organisation. CTCIC will try to resolve fairly any problems that people who volunteer with CTCIC may experience. The aim is to offer the opportunity to discuss any issues and facilitate a solution. This may lead to agreements about changes in behaviour or expectations, which will be monitored and reviewed.


  • Volunteers should raise any problems in a timely manner usually within 30 days of the incident occurring. This is in order to ensure organisational memory of the incident is not lost
  • Where possible the problem should be raised with the person concerned (see below)
  • All complaints will be treated confidentially, and should only be discussed amongst those who are directly involved in trying to resolve the issue

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Problem Solving Policy

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