Our Volunteer Travel and Expenses Policy

We want to be sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to take part in Connected Together activity and recognise that no-one should lose out through incurring costs associated with their volunteering.
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CTCIC is funded by public money and we are required to ensure that this money is disbursed in accordance with a policy and procedures aimed at fairness and good value for money. Travel and expenses account for a significant proportion of CTCIC’s running costs. It is important that claims for reimbursement of travel and expenses are subject to close scrutiny in order to determine that it was necessary to spend that money in order to carry out work for CTCIC and all its contracts and managed organisations, including HWN and HWR.

What expenses will be paid?

Board members and volunteers will be reimbursed for reasonable travel and associated expenses incurred solely and exclusively in the performance of their duties. Expenditure should be kept to the minimum consistent with the effective performance of work on behalf of CTCIC. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) may refuse any claim that appears to be excessive.

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Volunteer Travel and Expenses Policy

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