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1. Introduction

Every Local Healthwatch must have a published Decision-Making Policy. This policy helps Healthwatch Northamptonshire make its decisions, prioritise and choose what will go in their workplan as well as approving and accepting any other relevant work during the year. This guidance is for Lead Officers, Chairs, Advisory Board Members and all HWN volunteers.

2. Policy Statement

Healthwatch Northamptonshire makes its decisions in an open and transparent way and ensures the interests of the people of Northamptonshire are always paramount. This policy and associated procedures outline the steps taken to ensure decisions are evidence based and lead to substantive impact in the community.

The governing regulations and standards are:

  • The NHS Bodies and Local Authorities (Partnership Arrangements, Care Trusts, Public Health and Local Healthwatch) Regulations 2012 – referred to as Regulation 40 throughout this document.

  • Freedom of Information Act 2000.

  • Seven Principles of Public Life (Nolan Principles).

This policy applies to all relevant decisions made by Healthwatch Northamptonshire.

3. Purpose

The Decision-Making Policy is an essential part of running Healthwatch Northamptonshire, it ensures:

  • Healthwatch Northamptonshire’s legal requirement to demonstrate independence in the way we operate and make decisions. Without a published policy, the trademark license to operate as a local Healthwatch may be at risk.

  • That we have a clear process that will support our Advisory Board/s and working groups e.g., Planning Group, in building a robust evidence base and prioritising the calls for our time and attention.

  • That we demonstrate transparency and openness to all who have an interest in the work we do, enhancing our reputation as a trusted and credible partner.

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Decision Making Policy

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