Remote consultations in general practice

For many people, it’s more convenient to be able to speak to their GP or other healthcare professionals remotely.
Doctor writing

Practices across Northamptonshire were already making huge progress improving access to online, telephone and video consultations before the COVID-19 outbreak, but it has become even more important that everyone is able to access health care.

It’s really important for people to remember that even during the pandemic they should always seek help for medical problems if they need it.

Please continue to contact your GP practice for advice in the usual way. Although many consultations are now happening remotely, there are special arrangements in place to ensure people can be safely seen face-to-face wherever that’s clinically appropriate.

“Everyone has had to make changes to their everyday lives as a consequence of coronavirus, and over the past few weeks we’ve seen patients really embrace these different approaches to managing their health. Once the pandemic is over we want to continue to ensure that they continue to be widely available to all those who want to use them."
— Dr Naomi Caldwell, GP Clinical Lead for NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Don't forget to continue to seek medical help for serious conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Find out more about how to access help from the NHS website.

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