Elderly person sitting on a bench with a friend.
May 2021

Arthritis Action Online Group - 25 May

Community events
Tuesday 25th May, 2021 - 14:00

About this event

Arthritis Action Groups are an opportunity for people with arthritis to talk with others and share their tips on how to manage their arthritis and stay active whilst at home, and they actively welcome new attendees. They discuss a variety of self-management techniques. Participants will need to contact them directly for the log in instructions for the meeting, and they have produced ‘How To’ guides for those not familiar with using Zoom.

Upcoming dates

  • 2pm 25 May - East Midlands Arthritis Action Group
  • 10.30 28 May – Online Coffee morning
  • 6pm 14 June – Evening Midlands Arthritis Action Group
  • 2pm 15 June - East Midlands Arthritis Action Group

Contact details

For full dates and joining details see http://www.arthritisaction.org.uk/media-centre/events