Annual Report 2015-16

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2015/16 was the third operational year for Healthwatch Northamptonshire, during which time we conducted our largest ever public engagement with over 1,000 responses to our Make Your Voice Count 3 campaign. This provided a great opportunity to relate your views back to health and social care commissioners, for them to understand the impact of their decisions and for Healthwatch to champion the case for improved health and care services and outcomes.

We support the case for change and want to see evidence of clear progress

This 2015/16 annual report not only demonstrates the work of the past year, but also illustrates the challenges for 2016/17, during which time Healthwatch itself will also be resource challenged. The necessary restructuring which is in process will be aimed at continuing to provide a Healthwatch to champion local needs and views of the people of Northamptonshire and I look forward to seeing how the year progresses.

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Healthwatch Northamptonshire Annual Report 2015/16

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