The ‘Big Ideas’ people in Northamptonshire think would improve local health and care services

Healthwatch Northamptonshire and NHCP NHS Long Term Plan community engagement report now published!
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Nearly 300 people shared their experiences and views on how to improve health and care services in Northamptonshire. Information and communication, access to services (including community support and services closer to home), personalised care, and support for carers and people with long-term conditions were the top five things that people in Northamptonshire would like to see improved.

People shared their views as part of our ‘What Would You Do?’ activities in April and May, to encourage people in the county to tell us what matters most to them when they use health and care services. People were asked to give their views about how local services could improve, and to share ideas about how the NHS can help people live healthier lives and take more control of their care.

We gathered feedback through two surveys, including one that looked at the experiences of people with long-term conditions, and a joint public engagement event with Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership, where members of the public, healthcare professionals and other people working in the county discussed their ‘Big Ideas’ for the future of local health and care.

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The findings reveal that people want better communication between services and with patients/the public, including a directory of services and shared patient records, to make it easier for people to access the right care in the right place at the right time. Across all themes, the value of communities, local initiatives and having care and support close to home was highlighted, particularly to help people choose well, stay well and live well.

Other findings from the report include the need for better support for carers, who often have health needs of their own, and people with specific conditions (especially mental health conditions and autism coordinated care. People also wanted faster access to services (such as GP appointments) and more person-centred and personalised care and support.

This feedback and the ‘Big Ideas’ are being used to help shape the Northamptonshire Health, Care and Wellbeing Plan and the development of local health and care services. The Northamptonshire Health, Care and Wellbeing Plan is our county’s local response to the NHS Long Term Plan and represents the commitment between local health and care providers and members of the Health and Wellbeing Board to work together towards a positive lifetime of health, wellbeing and care in our community.

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This is only the start of local conversations around the future of health and care services – please get in touch to participate in future engagement activity or contact us.


Public views and experiences to inform the NHS Long Term Plan in Northamptonshire - Full report, September 2019
Public views and experiences to inform the NHS Long Term Plan in Northamptonshire - Summary report, September 2019
Joint engagement event summary - the 'Big Ideas'

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