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Your spotlight on local services

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Carers Voice needs your support!


Carers Voice exists to gather the views of Carers into the services and support them and those they care for receive from the county’s health and social care providers.

"We then present what we learn to the people that plan and deliver those services to persuade them to ensure what they provide actually meets the needs of ourselves and those we care for.  We are independent of all service providers. Your representatives in Carers Voice sit on several influential decision-making forums in the county and are increasingly being listened to as the shortage of public finance demands that more care take place in the community and all funds are spent wisely. The recent widely publicised financial problems of the County Council make it all the more urgent and important that we do this well."

To represent you well, Carers Voice needs to know what you think is needed and about your experience of the county’s services. They mentioned the urgent need to grow the numbers of Carers together with the varieties of care they provide so that they can carry out this challenging role on your behalf most effectively. But Carers Voice needs to keep their costs down so they will mostly be relying upon a community of carers that they can reach electronically with questionnaires that are appropriate to their particular experiences of care. Their questionnaires will not take long to complete.

If you want to help and have an email address through which we can reach you, please send your name and contact e-mail to carersvoice@connectedtogether.co.uk or fill in the sign-up form.

To keep costs down, Healthwatch Northamptonshire (part of Connected Together) work closely with Carers Voice to maintain the list of names and e-mail addresses on their behalf. Our sign-up form includes a questionnaire where we ask you to tell us something about yourself and the person(s) you care for, which we will use to ensure that you are only sent questionnaires relevant to your experiences. As carers themselves, Carers Voice does not want to waste your time with inappropriate questions.

They hope you will join them and are looking forward to soon receiving your name and contact e-mail address. 


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Annual Report 2017/18

See how your feedback has made a difference to health and care services in Northamptonshire.


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