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Your spotlight on local services

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Our vision, values and strategy

Our vision: Healthwatch Northamptonshire will be a strong, resolute and independent community champion. We will give local people a voice and work in partnership to influence the design and quality of health and social care provision so that all local people have an opportunity for an improved quality of life.

Our values:

  • We will be accessible and visible 
  • We will be independent and objective
  • We will be open, honest and transparent in all that we do
  • We will be inclusive and embrace diversity and equality, reflecting the diverse needs of local people
  • We will listen to and understand the views and needs of local people
  • We will speak up for local people and enable people to speak for themselves
  • We will be fair and credible
  • We will seek out and use evidence, including from the public, to inform our work
  • We will strive to make a positive difference and campaign for the best possible health and social care for local people


Our Vision, Values and Strategy

Annual work plan April 2020-March 2021