Meet the new Chair of Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire!

We would like to introduce you to the new Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire Chair - Tanzi Chaudhury
Tanzi with young healthwatch northamptonshire

Tanzi has been a part of Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire for three years and here is what she has to say about her new position!

"I wanted to be the chair so I could have more of an active role within the group. I have a keen interest in mental health. I have developed this interest further with Young Healthwatch and will continue to do so. I have implemented many of the things learned from Healthwatch to my school life. I am currently the Vice-president at school and currently working to create mental health communities. Attending events such as the Young Minds conference allowed me to gain a fresh perspective of people suffering from mental health conditions. This has allowed me to help many of my friends when they needed emotional support and guidance. The most important skill that I can offer to the team is my listening skills. No matter how big or small, I'll listen. I wanted to be chair not so I can lead but so others can step up. Everybody has obstacles that may stop them from reaching their full potential but if I can, I would like to be a helping hand to empower young people and that is Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire's purpose, to empower young people and get their voice heard. I wanted to be a part of that and that's why I joined. I want to be chair so our team can help lead this change."

Tanzi Chaudhury, Young Healthwatch Northamptonshire

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