Post COVID-19 Patient information pack

The local post COVID-19 Patient information pack has been developed to help patients who have had COVID-19 to recover and manage their symptoms following COVID-19.
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Evidence shows that a significant proportion of post COVID-19 patients are likely to have significant ongoing health problems, notably breathing difficulties, tiredness and cough, reduced muscle function, reduced ability to undertake physical activity and psychological symptoms such as PTSD and reduced mood status.

Inside the pack there are lots of practical tips to aid recovery more quickly including exercises to help with breathlessness, how to manage your cough and advice about who to contact if you need support while you get back on your feet.

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Post COVID-19 Patient information pack

The NHS has also made a website to support people called Your Covid Recovery

Your Covid Recovery is a new NHS website designed to help people recover from the long-term effects of COVID-19 and support them to manage their recovery. It includes information from rehabilitation experts about how to manage ongoing symptoms and health needs at home, and signposts to sources of support.

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